Twitter Tools

  • Followerwonk gives great insight into your followers. Who are your followers? Where are they located? When do they tweet?
  • Simply Measured also provides Twitter analytics.
  • Twitonomy is another great analytics tool for Twitter.
  • Mentionmap gives you a graphic representation of your influence on Twitter, connecting users based on recent mentions of people and hashtags.
  • Twtrland is an analytics Web app that presents you with a thorough exploration of your posting habits and the followers you interact with.
  • has a tool which lets you visualise your Twitter character.
  • Tweet Archivist allows you to: Monitor tweets based on a word, phrase or query; Capture every tweet with a certain hashtag and then do analysis; and Capture tweets during an event and then generate reports.
  • Who.Unfollowed.Me can show you who unfollowed you, who is not following you back and who you are not following back.
  • Trendsmap shows you the latest trends from Twitter, for anywhere in the world, on a map.
  • Social Collider reveals cross-connections between conversations on Twitter.

Infographic and Visualisation Tools

Tools for Word Clouds

Mining Twitter

If you are interested in scraping Twitter I would really recommend getting a copy of Mining the Social Web: Second Edition. All the code for this book is also available in a GitHub repository.

Here is some useful information about the difference between the different Twitter APIs.

You can also visit the Twitter Developer Platform where they have documentation on the different APIs.