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A note on Black Twitter

In March this year the Christian Science Monitor wrote that Twitter use is booming in South Africa and that a loose, outspoken community of black tweeters are using the platform to bypass traditional media and add their own voices to

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Interview with @ChrisRoper


The new editor-in-chief of the Mail&Guardian is no stranger to digital. According to his profile on the newspaper’s website he has worked online for many years, “not just Twitter years, but real years”. Before being appointed as editor-in-chief, Roper was

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Interview with @jamesstyan


James Styan is a political journalist at Media24. He is very good at live-tweeting from events or about unfolding news and politics. That much is apparent from the more than 18,500 tweets that he has sent. What won’t you tweet

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Interview with @gussilber


It is hard to believe that wordsmith Gus Silber had to be persuaded to use Twitter by a fellow journalist. After 4 years it is safe to say that he has mastered the art of tweeting. Silber is a journalist,

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Interview with @khayadlanga


It is almost impossible to discuss Twitter in South Africa without talking about Khaya Dlanga. He has almost as many tweets as followers – which is very impressive at around 90,000 – and his tweets range from politics to sex

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Interview with @MichaelJordaan

Image by: City Press / Muntu Vilakazi / Gallo Images

Michael Jordaan was theĀ first CEO of a South African bank to join Twitter. His authenticity (Jordaan manages his own account) and humour quickly made him very popular. So much so that at the time of writing he had more than

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Interview with @Sentletse

Picture from the Mail&Guardian.

He is a banker with a black belt in karate. And he doesn’t pull any punches when it comes to his tweets. The opinionated Sentletse Diakanyo shares some of his thoughts about Twitter. What won’t you tweet about? And why?

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